Reviewed in November 2020. Content will be updated as negotiations develop.

We’ve created a free guide on Customs to help businesses prepare for 2021.

Import and Export Declarations

How to videos showing  how to complete import and export declarations.


This guide provides clear and important information about Incoterms and how to use them.

Rules of Origin

This guide introduces rules of origin, what they are, what you need to know, follow up actions and provides scenario planning information to prepare you for 2021. 

Commodity Codes

These are important codes which identify your goods, you need to know what these codes are, how to check if they are right (including how to videos). 

Customs Jargon

These are important terms to know that will help your business in the planning and preparation for 2021 .

SPS Checks

These guides provide information on Customs SPS checks and what businesses need to do to prepare for the end of the transition period.