Reviewed in May 2020. Content will be updated as negotiations develop.

Covering topics such as supply chain, customs,
Incoterms, Commodity Code and Rules or Origin.

Supply Chain

To help you identify where your key opportunities and risks are and what actions you can take now to protect supply chains.


Your step-by-step guide to completing an import and export declaration with supporting document and approximate costings. 


To provide you with clear and important information about Incoterms which are widely used to spell out exactly what delivery terms are being agreed.

Rules of Origin 

To provide you with information on rules of origin which are needed to establish the country of origin of goods. This will provide you with important information.

Commodity Codes 

To provide you with information on commodity codes, why you need to know them, how many digitis the codes are as well as step-by-step videos on obtaining commodity codes for Ireland and Northern Ireland.


More information on VAT coming soon.