Reviewed in November 2020. Content will be updated as negotiations develop.

We’ve created free supply chain supports to help you identify where your key opportunities and risks are and what actions you can take now to protect supply chains.

Getting Started

If you’re just getting started we recommend that cross-border traders undertake an in-depth supply chain analysis and explore the onward destination of their product.

Supply Chain Relationships

This information provides guidance on how to analyse  and manage your supply chain relationships.

Future Proof Contracts

This information will help you make sure your contracts are reviewed  and amended , now and for the future.

Make or Buy Decisions

This information provides a background to the sourcing  decisions and options available to SMEs.

Supply Chain Case Studies

See how the InterTradeIreland voucher supports have helped cross-border SMEs.


Here you will find useful links to information in relation to labelling changes that will help your business prepare for the end of the transition period.

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