The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, now in place, means change. It will require adapting to new trading arrangements, rules and regulations. If your business provides services cross-border on the island of Ireland or to GB, you should review and act on any changes in the rules relating to e-commerce that may apply to you.

what are digital service?

Digital services are services that are delivered over the internet or through other electronic networks. They are commonly automated and require little or no human intervention.


Digital services include such things as apps, e-books, games, cloud-based software, and music streaming websites.


At the end of the transition period, the eCommerce Directive will no longer apply to the UK. You should begin to prepare for these changes now.

Actions you
can take now

These external links offer support, important reading, important for UK digital service providers and information on the new rules on holding or registering an .eu domain. 


These links offer support om what you need to do now that the e-commerce Directive no longer applies to the UK.


A Commission Brexit Readiness Notice in the field of Electronic Commerce and Net Neutrality.

UK DIgital service providers

What UK digital services providers must do to comply with the regulations covering the security of network and information system. 

responsive design

Find out what you need to do if you hold a .eu domain or want to register one as new rules are now in place for UK businesses. 

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